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Hey! I'm Ali and I create custom pet portraits for people who are in LOVE with, OBSESSED with, and can't IMAGINE their life without their dog, cat, bird, horse...

I help them turn their favorite original photo of their pet into a custom piece of art that they will be able to cherish forever.

Chester the Cat - 12" x 12" portrait


I have:

- 32 pet portraits hanging in Best Friends Pet Care in Walt Disney World
- Been creating one of a kind pet portraits since 2009
- Been in the professional design and marketing world since 2006

And when I'm not creating portraits of adorable puppies and kittens, I can be found...
- Hanging out with my pup, Zumaya, a beautiful black lab
- Tending to my 15 free range (all over the yard) chickens
- Organizing, cleaning, decorating.  New homeowner in June of 2015!
- Perusing Pinterest
- Enjoying live music of the country, rock, or bluegrass variety

Here are 3 things you don't know about me...
1. I take a photo every morning with my phone of my curling iron or straightener unplugged, so that I know I won't burn my house down.
2. I played the bassoon in high school.
3. There are only 4 states I haven't visited: Oregon, Washington, Hawaii, Alaska

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